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The ultimate english (upper intermediate) has a greater focus on speaking about topics in everyday life. The upper intermediate course …


The ultimate english (upper intermediate) has a greater focus on speaking about topics in everyday life. The upper intermediate course is designed to increase your selection of vocabulary using the specific topics such as profession, food, film, technology, famous people and travel. In this level there is less grammar topics and topic discussions focused at learning and understanding vocabulary and practicing to speak in context.  There are diverse common topics for each conversation based lesson. Prior to the conversation lessons, we will first learn vocabulary, useful expressions used with each of these topics so that we can apply these in the conversation lessons. Please see the basic course breakdown for an overview of topics covered during the 20lessons (each 1 hour). There are 3 review lessons that we use to recap after every 6 lessons approximately. There is also 2 lessons dedicated to receptive skills such as for reading and listening. This is a basic outline and it can be adjusted to meet with your goals and development areas. Lessons may be booked according to your schedule and the availability of time slots, but generally take 5 months to complete (certain weeks we schedule 2 lessons a week).

What you can expect to learn?

  • How to correctly speak about time using simple, perfect and continuous tenses.
  • Speaking about specific topics.
  • Improve and upgrade your selection of vocabulary.
  • Grammar specifically expressing certainty and possibility, conditionals and intensifiers.
  • Idioms and expressions relevant to topics.
  • Collocations or words associated to each other when talking about professions.
  • Formal writing skills.
  • Conversation and application of the new language learnt.

How do we do this?

  • 25 content rich lessons covering a range of topics.
  • Review of lessons to verify understanding.
  • Wide range of practical speaking discussions.
  • Wide range of exercises and self study to adopt new language as your standard language.
  • Personal trainer who will work with you to achieve your personal goals.
  • Personal conversation to practice newly learnt language and develop skills.
  • Access to monthly conversation programs where you can advance your new skill set.

Cost & changes:

  • The total cost is 425 excl vat @21%
  • Lessons are invoiced ahead of the lessons on a monthly basis once the schedule for the month is confirmed.
  • Lessons slots can be re-booked (life happens). When this does occur, I ask for a minimum of 3days notice to change or re-book a lesson.
  • Lessons not re-booked providing a minimum of 3 days notice will be charged for. I am sure you understand preparation ahead of the lesson is needed to achieve maximum learning outcomes.

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