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The ultimate english advanced program offers you english learning to upgrade your english speaking and formal writing. You learn new …


The ultimate english advanced program offers you english learning to upgrade your english speaking and formal writing. You learn new vocabulary against specific topics and also learn how to upgrade basic english to more advanced equivalents. There is conversation practice where you discuss topics such as business and a changing world. The conversation lessons are after vocabulary lessons where you are able to apply newly learnt language and  build confidence in a comfortable session. You also learn about easily confused english words, their differences, grammar for advanced levels, idioms, expressions, punctuation to express correct meaning and nouns (forming collective groups for people and things). Please see the basic course breakdown for an overview of topics covered during the 25lessons (each 1 hour). Included in the 25 lessons are 3 lessons that we use for review. It is important to note that this is only a basic outline and it can be adjusted to meet with your goals and development areas.  Lessons may be booked according to your schedule and the availability of time slots, but generally take 5 months to complete (certain weeks we schedule 2 lessons a week).

What you can expect to learn?

  • Confidence and fluency around topics related to business, friends, opinions, health, entertainment and a changing world.
  • Upgrading writing
  • Upgrading vocabulary
  • Easily confused words and how you can use these words correctly
  • Collective nouns in english and how a word can related to group of people or things
  • Punctuation and how to use the comma, semi colon and colon correctly
  • Grammar  such as using mixed conditionals, expressing purpose, reason and result and narrative tenses.
  • Practicing your tenses while practicing your speaking
  • Practice in speaking

How do we do this?

  • Content rich lessons.
  • Practical topics that encourage conversation and where you are able to apply upgraded vocabulary, idioms, expression.
  • Personal trainer who will work with you to achieve your personal goals.
  • Personal conversation to practice newly learnt language and develop skills.
  • Access to monthly conversation programs where you can advance your new skill set.

Cost & changes:

  • The total cost is 425 excl vat @21%
  • Lessons are invoiced ahead of the lessons on a monthly basis once the schedule for the month is confirmed.
  • Lessons slots can be re-booked (Life happens). When this does occur, I ask for a minimum of 3days notice to change or re-book a lesson.
  • Lessons not re-booked providing a minimum of 3 days notice will be charged for. I am sure you understand preparation ahead of the lesson is needed to achieve maximum learning outcomes.

Course Currilcum

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