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This intensive program focuses on accelerating your english business language


Masterclass Professional English is designed with the objective to immerse yourself (seven days in total) in business english.  This intensive program focuses on accelerating your english business language, in seven days so that you are more equipped with common business english for your international workplace. The program is designed for intensive learning, offering some flexibility for you if you have a busy schedule to learn over the weekend or after hours. The intensive program has a total of thirty seven hours which are structured 5 - 7 days, after-hours and on weekends. This is how the course helps you learn while still managing your busy commitments. Each topic aims to identify practical vocabulary, topic jargon, useful business english, conversations and grammar revisions for intermediate speakers. There are 3 review modules to recap learning as well as 10 application sessions. The application sessions cover practice and correct use of the skills you learn in each lesson covering some real situations such as interviews, writing of cover letters, meetings, complaints, sales presentations, negotiations, telephone calls and writing of proposals. The purpose of application is to get you using the language the learnt language. This basic program can be adapted to your level and specific needs.

The structure of this program

  • 37 hours in total.
  • The hours are structured according to your schedule full or part time over 7 days to complete the total hours (can be compressed into 5 days if desirable).
  • Maximum of 14hours over the weekend to make up the total.
  • Maximum of 7.5 hours a day.
  • Total cost is 1,400.


  • 24 content rich lessons.
  • 3 revision sessions.
  • 10 application hours of exercises and language application.
  • Each lesson contains a news element relevant to the topic.
  • Each topic is structured to cover various sections of key vocab, grammar, functional jargon and conversation.
  • Review is to summarise each topic and core language.
  • Application covers worksheets and role plays to practice.

Course Currilcum

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